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  • Company History

    Founded in 1984, as Samson Tech, the company became Kyungchang Industry in 1994 and expanded to the corporation we know today in 2009. Seeing opportunities in the U.S. market, in 2015, KCI started a new company based in Las Vegas Nevada, KCI USA Inc.
    Beginning with ten workers, KCI now has 76 employees. Yearly earnings were reported to be USD 21.7 million. KCI USA Inc. employs 21 workers with yearly earnings being reported to be USD 4 million.


    In 2007, KCI received the Korean government's "Top Exporter" award producing USD 5 million worth of exports. The following year, the figure grew to USD 10 million. In 2009, KCI re-organized as a major corporation and registered a U.S. subsidiary, KCI USA Inc. to expedite its entry in the U.S. market. Over the last decade, KCI won numerous prizes for its contributions to promoting export from Gyeong-gi-do province and the Korea International Trade Association.

    Since 2016 KCI has been certified as a venture company by Korea Technology and Finance Corporation. To facilitate the rapid development of military and police products KCI has constructed a shooting range and a new ballistic test site for the development of testing armor and ballistic protection products.

  • Innovation

    The top priority of KCI's corporate philosophy is human values. KCI believes that the fruit of the investment in employees manifests itself in each employee's improved productivity which drives corporate development and innovation. The Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family recognized KCI’s efforts with their certication as family friendly company in 2019. Steady investment in technological innovation led to development of new products and drove innovative corporate management. KCI has 12 technology patents, 16 design registrations and 1 utility model for product innovation.
    In 2001, KCI was awarded the ㉿mark, Korean version of industrial mark. KCI was also selected as technology innovation SME (INNO-BIZ) and management innovation SME (MAIN-BIZ) respectively.


    ISO certication is a seal of approval from a third party body that a company runs to one of the international standards developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). KCI has been fully qualied as a global company by acquiring overseas certication 2001 ISO 9001, 2008 ISO 9001:2000 (quality) and 2010 ISO 14001:2004 (environment). The ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization that brings together experts to share knowledge and develop international standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges. KCI’s ISO ratings display an independent assessment of corporate quality.

  • KCI constantly strives to upgrade product performance and quality based on its commitment to research and development. One area of achievement is the effort to upgrade performance of ballistic products.
    The ballistic laboratory which KCI has serves to upgrade performance and quality of ballistic helmets and body armor and protective clothing.

    KCI has current projects to develop lighter fencing clothing and backpack designs. KCI’s eleven registered patents include a multi-tier metal pole utility tent, a folding block manufacturing method and several items of police protective gear. Other certifications include a dust-proof spring hanger; military cold steel manufacturing authorization, shotgun manufacturing authorization, military gun manufacturing (Defense Acquisition Program Administration) and police gun manufacturing authorization.

    In the last decade, KCI has obtained a total of thirteen certificationsand six quality certifications. KCI is a venture company that has met Korean military safety procurement standards, is certified by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration as a major exporter of military products, is an authorized manufacturer of military and police uniforms and equipment. KCI and KCI USA Inc. have a relentless commitment to innovation and quality, you can see it in everything we do. We see customers and employees as collaborators with the common goal of making exceptional products.


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